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Sociology as a science


Going into the discussion of sociology as a science, first we will discuss that what science, what are its characteristics is then we will find out those characteristics in the discipline of sociology if those were present in this discipline. We will call it a science otherwise not. Sociology contains all the features which are …

Orign / Historical Background of Sociology

Systematic study of sociology started with the Greeks; they considered man as a social animal and the need of society is indispensable. Plato in his “Republic” and Aristotle in his “Ethics and politics” discussed society. The Romans Cicero, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas discussed society. Among others, the most popular were Thomas More, Francis Bacon, Hobbes, …

What is Sociology?


Have you ever wondered why individuals and societies are so varied? Questions what social forces have shaped different stocks? The search to understand society is urgent and important, because if we can not understand the social world, we are more likely to be overwhelmed. We also need to understand social processes if we want to …